Welcome to Dombås

Fasade hotell


Welcome to Dombåstun, our motel located 200-300 meters behind the hotel. 





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Dombås hotel

Dombås hotel consists of two wings, the newest wing is from 2014. We have 99 rooms in the hotel, in addition to 18 newly renovated rooms in our motel located 200-300 meters behind the hotel.  We lay on the westside of downtown Dombås, and it is easy to access the hotel from the trainstation and busstation. Outside our hotel there is free parking. The village of Dombås is a fantastic destination for summer-and winteractivitites.  We are not part of any chain, so we are able to customize our product to fit the various seasons and customers. 

In our restaurant we serve buffet every monday-thursday from 06.00 PM-09.00 PM. In the summerseason we have buffet every day. 


Welcome to Dombås hotel. 

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