Dombås is surrounded by national parks and is a great destination for both winter and summeractivities. The village has several unique stores with a selection of goods you can not find many other places. There is also a park in memory of the fallen in world war 2. Dombås is often refered to as a junction between west, north and south because it lays perfectly placed between Molde/Ålesund, Lillehammer and Trondheim. 


From the 25th of october you can go cross country skiing. The season ususally then lasts until the beginning of april. We have package prices for training camps, if you would like to bring your team to Dombås for training, please contact the reception. 

There is also a downhill skiing resort a 5 minute drive from our hotel. The resort has several hills and big and small jumps. Check out this video to get a glimpse of Dombås skiheiser. 


The Dombås area as a endless amount of hikes, for every age and level. Find a hike that fits you! On Dovrefjell you can see the muskox and if you are really lucky you can even see Caribou and the artic fox. 

If you like cycling check out the popular cycle route "Tour de Dovre" 


Dombås hotel is perfectly located as a base for your adventures, welcome!