All year around there are miles upon miles with mountains to explore and Dombås is surrounded by national parks. The hotel is a good startingpoint for many hikes and activites.  

Snøhetta viewpoint, utsikt

Photo: View from Snøhetta Viewpoint on Hjerkinn: Christine Olsson

Dombås is often referred to as a junction between west, north and south because it lays perfectly placed between Molde/Ålesund, Lillehammer and Trondheim. In the center of Dombås you can find some local stores with souvernirs and things you typically won't find elsewhere. 

If you need some inspiration for what to do here in Dombås, we can recommend these pages: - Here you can find recommandations and suggestions for activites in Gudbrandsdalen. 

Do you want to rent an E-bike? Then you can contact Dovrefjell Adventures - They also offer guided tours, and their E-bike safari is especially popular. 

Are you interested in seeing the wildlife on Dovrefjell? If you want a guided safari you can contact Dovre & Lesja Aktiv on:  They offer muskox safari, moosesafari and birdwatching. 

Photo: Muskox,